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Clinton Country Club
2018 Tournament Schedule

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Wed. 2nd                         Spring 2-Person Scramble                   1:00pm SG
Sun. 6th                           Warrior Softball                                   9:00am SG
Fri. 11th                          Lock Haven U. Boxing                         9:00am SG              
Sat. 12th                          Clinton Challenge @ CCC                  TT’s 8:30am to 11:20am
Fri. 18th                          Racing 4 Heroes                                    9:00am SG
Mon. 21st                        American Legion Riders                      9:00am SG
Sat. 26th                          Stephen Herrold Memorial                 9:30am SG

Sat-Sun 2nd-3rd              Central Counties Team & Individual – Course Closed until 3:30pm
Fri. 8th                            Lock Haven U. Athletics                      9:00am SG
Fri-Sun 15th- 17th          Men’s Invitational Better BallCourse Closed until 2:00pm
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Sat. 23rd                         C.M. Night Golf                                     8:30pm SG
Fri. 13th                         Deb Shirey Memorial                            12:30pm SG
Sat. 14th                         Central Mountain Football                   8:00am SG
Sun. 15th                        Bucktail Hospital                                   9:00am SG
Fri. 20th                         Camp Cadet                                            9:00am SG
Sat. 21st                          Skip Confer Memorial                          1:30pm SG
Sat-Sun 28th -29th         Men’s Club Championship                   TT’s 8:30 to 11:30

Fri. 3rd                           FCFP Treehouse Fund                          12:00pm SG
Sat. 4th                           Women’s Invitational                            9:00am SG
Fri-Sun 10th-12th           Summer Classic                   Fri. 3:00pm SG / Sat. & Sun. 9:00am TT’s
Sun. 19th                        Haywood’s Junior                                  TT’s 2:00pm
Sat-Sun 25th-26th          Senior Championship                            TT’s 8:30 to 11:30

Thu. 6th                         High School Match                                    TBD
Fri. 14th                         Lock Haven Catholic School                 9:00am SG
Fri. 21                           Mat Town Wrestling                              10:00am SG
Wed. 26th                      High School Match                                    TBD
Fri. 28th                        Wayne Township Landfill                      11:00am SG
Sun. 30th                       Mixed Invitational                                  10:00am SG

Fri. 5th                          Clinton County Leadership                    11:00am SG
Tue. -Thu. 16th-18th     Senior Invitational                 Rescheduled        TT’s 
Fri. 19th                        Lock Haven U. Alumni Golf Classic      10:00am SG
Central Counties Schedule
May 5th                         2-Man @ Nittany CC
June 2nd-3rd                  Team & Individual @ Clinton CC
August 6th                     Junior @ Down River GC
September 16th             Senior @ Lewistown CC
September 22nd-23rd    Pro-Am @ Summit CC

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